“Whether you are just starting your doctoral coursework or are teetering on the edge of panic that you’ll time out, you’ll find seasoned advice for the dissertation journey. My ABD clients who recently road tested it agree: This book immediately reduces your feelings of overwhelm by encouraging you to think small. … No time for another dissertation guide? Think again. This one is both fun and useful…Thank you, Denise and Barbara, for your book and your generosity. You’ll no doubt get more gratitude letters in the coming years from your readers who decide to finish a ‘good enough’ dissertation instead of continuing to spin their wheels while aiming for the perfect one.” ~Gayle Scroggs, Ph.D., P.C.C., Editor, www.abdsurvivalguide.com. (Read the full editorial review and see our feature article  of Issue #192, ABD Survival Guide.)

“This is the best new dissertation guide on the market!” ~Todd M.

“Thank you for this book. It helped me finish.” ~Angie S.

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